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Communication Strategies: Watching TV with Hearing Loss

For many of us, television is a big part of our day-to-day. Whether we watch the morning news every day while having breakfast, are diehard Downtown Abbey fans, or sports-obsessed enthusiasts, TV factors into a large part of our lives. For those of us with hearing loss, watching TV can be tough. Many people are able to hear, but they can’t understand, clarity being the biggest issue. Clarity is made worse the further you are from the TV, and by reverberation (how the sound bounces around the hard surfaces in the room before it finally reaches your ears).

Worry not, we’ve got some helpful technology tips we think will come in handy!

If television is an important part of your daily routine, you owe it to yourself to spend the extra money on a wireless transmitter for your TV. There are stand-alone systems that work without hearing aids that make watching TV with hearing loss less frustrating. The best option for those with wireless hearing aids is the wireless transmitter that goes with your hearing aids. Each brand of hearing aid has it’s own version of TV transmitter, so you will need to use the one that is specific to your brand. Ask your hearing care provider for more details.
Today’s flat-screen televisions often leave much to be desired when it comes to sound quality. Their speakers are sometimes on the back of the TV, which means the sound does not project out to you. This makes watching TV with hearing loss extra challenging. It may be helpful to buy a soundbar, a separate speaker that attaches to the TV. Some hearing aids may also be programmed with a manual setting designed specifically for watching TV. This is accessed by pushing a button on the hearing aid, a remote control unit, or the hearing aid app on your smartphone. However, the wireless TV Streamers that connect to most hearing aids provide the best sound quality 

Let’s Practice

Just for fun, watch the first half of your favorite TV show with your hearing aids in. Go ahead and use any special programs or accessories that are designed for the TV. Then, watch the second half of the show withOUT your hearing aids. Be sure to leave the TV volume where it was for the first half of the show. That way you can notice the difference in volume and clarity. This will demonstrate how your hearing aids provide both volume and clarity to the sound. You might just find that you can’t stand going through the entire second half of the program without putting your hearing aids back in!

We’re here to help

As always, we’re here to help. Call us for an appointment. Do you need to adjust your hearing aids? Or maybe you need an ear cleaning? Whatever your needs, we’ve got you. Give us a call!

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