Communication Strategies

For Individuals With Hearing Loss

Tell others how best to talk with you.

Face your audience directly.

Position with back-lighting.

Anticipate and make a plan for difficult situations.

Pay attention.

Concentrate on the speaker.

Integrate visual and written cues.

Ask for clarification.

Acknowledge when communication is not understood.

Defer conversation when fatigued.

Show appreciation for efforts made when others assist you.

Speaking To An Individual With Hearing Loss

Get attention first.

Face and speak directly.

Position for face-lighting.

Avoid noisy environments.

Ask how to facilitate communication.

Refrain from shouting.

Speak clearly at a moderate pace.

Keep mouth cues clear.

Use facial expressions and gestures.

Rephrase if communication is not understood.

Give cues when changing subjects in conversation.

Be patient if response is slow.

Stay positive and relaxed.

Be respectful.

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