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Costco Hearing Aids: The Good and The Bad

Costco is known to be a big-box retail store that offers huge savings to its members. From snacks, and toiletries, to home decor and electronics, Costco seems to have it all. A few years ago, Costco started offering hearing aids. The question is – are Costco hearing aids any good?

Pros of Costco Hearing Aids

Attractive price point

The first thing that attracts consumers to Costco hearing aids is its price point. While Costco offers other major brand names of hearing aids on the market, it also has a private label brand, Kirkland. Kirkland hearing aids are one of the most popular hearing aids on the market.

Return and Refund

Some hearing aids don’t offer returns and refunds, or may only offer them for a limited period only. With Costco hearing aids, specifically, Kirkland hearing aids, returns, and refunds are allowed (terms apply).


Since Costco has various branches all over the United States, consumers can enjoy the accessibility of getting a hearing aid at their nearest Costco branch.

Cons of Costco Hearing Aids

Limited hearing aid brands available

Costco only carries limited hearing aid brands such as Philips, ReSound, Rexton, and the in-house Kirkland brand. If you’re looking for more brand choices and the latest hearing aid styles, it won’t be likely that you’ll find what you’re looking for at Costco.

No audiologists and real-ear measurements

Generally, Costco does not deploy audiologists on site. Audiologists perform real ear measurements to accurately measure if a hearing aid matches the highly specific hearing requirements of a patient to a tee. Without real ear measurement, the efficiency of a hearing aid cannot be fully optimized.

Does not accept insurance

Costco hearing aids are not covered by insurance. Consumers who have insurance plans may still purchase their hearing aids at Costco but an invoice will have to be submitted for reimbursement after payment.

Costco Hearing Aids FAQs

How is hearing tested in Costco?

A hearing test is performed in a private sound booth. It takes an hour or less to conduct a hearing test. It is painless and non-invasive.

What happens after the test?

A non-commissioned hearing aid staff will assess and discuss the results of the hearing test. They will assist you in selecting the most appropriate Costco hearing aid for you. Costco’s staff are trained to help you through the entire process – testing, follow-up visits, and appointments.

Do I need to be a Costco member to have my hearing tested?

Yes, you need to be a Costco member to enjoy the services offered by Costco Hearing Aid Center.


At the end of the day, there’s no specific hearing aid that can be tagged as “the best” or “number one”. Each hearing aid brand and style is unique, varying in features, technology, performance, and price point.

As practicing audiologists, we highly suggest consulting with a professional to comprehensively walk you through the different types and styles of hearing aids. It’s not all about the price-point and the affordability of a hearing aid – you also need to consider the type of hearing loss, the anatomy of the ear, and the wearer’s lifestyle. Working with someone you trust is key in getting the best possible hearing improvement.

Our team at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center offers world-class hearing healthcare services to help you hear better and enjoy a better quality of life. We are a fully independent audiology practice dedicated to fitting you with the right hearing technology for your specific needs.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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