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Your Safety is Our Top Priority

At Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center, your safety starts before you arrive. We have put extra infection control steps in place. We are practicing social distancing and regular disinfection of all surfaces.

COVID-19 Office Health & Safety Procedures​

We have staged our waiting room to accommodate social distancing. If the maximum capacity of the waiting area is already reached, we will have you wait in the car until we are able to see you.

We use staggered scheduling to reduce all interaction between patients in the waiting and checkout area.

We use a tray system and a disposable barrier for your hearing aid(s) and accessories. We do not put your devices directly on any surface and always keep them separated from other patient’s devices.

Curbside Services - We will continue to offer curbside services for cleanings as well as drop-offs/pickups of hearing aids and/or supplies.

Keeping You Safe

As a medical provider, we will continue to follow strict protocols on the sterilization of equipment. Each day, all tools and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized and used for only one person. As always, single-use items such as inserts or swabs are disposed of properly .

Going The Extra Mile

During your appointment, we will use personal protective equipment including wearing a mask and gloves with all patients. We understand that this can be difficult for many of you with hearing loss looking for verbal lip-cues or lip reading. 

We will do everything to make sure you can understand us clearly, maximizing several other assistive communication technologies such as speech-to-text apps.