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Whisper Hearing Aids

What sets Whisper hearing aids apart from traditional hearing aids? Whisper hearing aids can upgrade themselves – a feature that even the most high-end traditional hearing aid cannot offer.

Whisper Hearing Aids in Longmont, CO

Hearing aids have been evolving in the past years, getting smaller while offering more powerful features and functions. Whisper hearing aids offer advanced software, hardware, and artificial intelligence specially engineered to upgrade over time. With Whisper hearing aids, users no longer have to say goodbye to an old device and purchase a new one.

The Whisper Technology

Whisper hearing aids are pocket-sized AI-powered devices that intelligently separate sounds in real-time to help users experience the best and most accurate listening possible. The Whisper Brain technology provides the Whisper hearing aids with AI-based learning features that no other device on the market can replicate.

Whisper Smartphone App

The Whisper smartphone app sends regular software updates straight to the hearing devices. It’s conveniently smart and saves users a lot of time because there’s no longer any need to check for regular updates.

Whisper Hearing Aid Subscription

Unlike traditional hearing aids that need to be purchased, Whisper hearing aids can be availed through a monthly subscription plan. With an all-in fee, users are given their very own Whisper Hearing System along with the following:

  • regular software updates
  • all-inclusive monthly plan
  • 3-year warranty (covering loss and damage)
  • ongoing care and maintenance
  • device support

Whisper Hearing Aids Subscription Package

When you sign up for a Whisper hearing aid subscription, you receive the following:

  • The Whisper Brain
  • Two earpieces
  • Brain Charger
  • Earpiece Carrying Case
  • Earpiece Cleaning Tool
  • Wax Guards
  • Owner’s Manual

Why Choose Whisper Hearing Aids?

Mainstream or traditional hearing aids are not offered through subscriptions. This is part of the edge of Whisper hearing aids; since subscriptions are still relatively new, consumers can expect more breakthroughs and innovations over time.

Whisper Hearing Aids Key Features:

Sound Separation Engine –  This proprietary feature allows Whisper hearing aids to optimize sound in real-time. It can smartly adapt to a wide variety of listening environments without any muffling or distortion.

Continuous Expert Care – Our team at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center is trained to program, adjust, and customize the Whisper Hearing System. We offer continuous support throughout your Whisper hearing aid subscription.

3-year warranty – During the 3-year lease, your Whisper hearing aid(s) is under warranty for loss and damage.

Regular Software Upgrades – Think of the Whisper hearing aid as a smart hearing device that’s always learning and improving with regular software upgrades. To date, Whisper is on its fifth software upgrade, continuously evolving to provide a better sound experience than before.

Whisper Hearing Aids – Longmont, CO

Longmont Hearing is an authorized provider of Whisper hearing aids in Longmont, CO, and nearby communities.

To know more about Whisper hearing aids and its corresponding monthly subscription rates, give us a call or schedule an appointment for a consultation!

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