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Hearing The Call—Arvada—Another Success!

Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center has been a part of Hearing the Call Colorado from the beginning. In fact, Dr. Rudden played a pivotal role in bringing Hearing the Call to Colorado, enabling us to work with this amazing group of hearing health professionals to provide hearing aids to those in need. Our latest event took place in Arvada, CO, on January 23rd, 2021, and we’re thrilled with how it went! We couldn’t have done it without the generous donation of 434 hearing aids from Widex, a provision of custom earmolds from Unitron, and of course, New Leaf Hearing Clinic for hosting the event. We were able to serve 13 people at the Arvada event, about 5 of whom will be receiving their follow up care at our very office in Longmont.  

A few pictures from our day of helping patients with their hearing loss. Thanks, Hearing the Call!

Hearing the Call – Background

For many in the United States, untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression, and lower earning potential. And in many other countries, it’s even worse. Over the years, we’ve learned that hearing loss frequently leads to ostracization, little or no education, and at times even physical abuse. It’s devastating. Which is why we’re dedicated to doing everything within our power to diagnose and treat hearing loss. With Hearing the Call, we’re able to do a little bit more to help out those people with the most need in our local communities. How does it work? 

Hearing the Call employs a Hand Up — Not a Handout approach. This means every beneficiary of the program must donate 10 hours of volunteer time to organizations within their community. That’s the beauty of the program: those with hearing loss get the help they need and in turn, provide help and support to others, too.

The events are simple, helpful, and impactful. We invite people who have noticed hearing loss to attend our event. By doing so, they have their hearing tested, and if necessary, they are fitted for hearing aids at little to low cost (cost is determined based on income). And the benefits don’t end there! All the patients we help continue to receive a year of complementary aftercare. And after that year-long period, patients are only charged $15 per office visit—a lifetime of affordable hearing care.  

Upcoming Events

If you missed January’s event, don’t worry! We’re going to be hosting more throughout the year! Some of this information is subject to change, so be sure to check back with us here, or directly with Hearing the Call Colorado to make sure you have the most up to date information. For now, our next date coming up will be on April 10, 2021 in Littleton, CO. Be sure to visit the Hearing the Call website to fill out an application to attend the event!

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