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Hearing the Call — Littleton — Hearing Healthcare Success!

As many of you already know, all of us at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center are committed to bringing hearing healthcare to our community, and beyond. That’s why we helped to create Hearing the Call Colorado to bring much-needed hearing health services to qualified individuals in the area. We’ve hosted events in Arvada and Longmont in the past, and our most recent one was in Littleton.

We’re committed to continuing these missions, which is why we’re always accepting applications for upcoming missions, as well as donations. Whether you’re able to donate hearing aids or make cash donations, they are all tax deductible, all accepted, and all go a long way to helping us provide our vulnerable communities with the hearing healthcare they need to thrive. 

Hearing the call: April 2021

We’ve been so thrilled with the success of our missions, and this last mission is no exception. We were able to help 20 patients in Littleton earlier this month! Those patients were able to undergo a diagnostic hearing test to determine the severity of their hearing loss. They were also fitted for hearing aids. And they’ll continue to receive affordable care for years to come!

Our next event will be in Durango, CO on June 5th. If you or someone you know is in the area and is suffering from hearing loss, fill out an application today to attend!

Hearing the Call: How it works

Hearing the Call likes to call it the Hand Up — Not a Handout approach. This means every beneficiary of the program is asked to donate 10 hours of volunteer time to organizations within their community. That’s why this program is such a success: those with hearing loss get the help they need and in turn, provide help and support to others, too.

These events not only provide hearing healthcare on the day, but for years down the line. After qualified patients are tested and fitted, they can continue to receive a year of complimentary aftercare. And after that year-long period, patients need only pay $15 for any office visit thereafter—a lifetime of affordable hearing care.  

Hearing the Call: Diversity Scholarship

Hearing the Call is helping its communities in other ways too. Earlier in 2020, Audiologist Noel Crosby created a merit-based scholarship through Hearing the Call to raise funds for African-American students studying audiology. In November 2020, the scholarship was awarded to audiology student Kayla Coleman at Towson University. Congratulations, Kayla! All of us at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center wish you luck in completing your studies!

We’re here for you. Whether you want to sign up for or donate to the next Hearing the Call mission, need to schedule a time to repair your hearing aids, or have general hearing healthcare questions, we can help. Reach out to us, and let’s see how we can improve hearing health for all of us, together. 

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