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Misophonia Information

Neuromonics Acoustic Desensitization Protocol

Neuromonics Acoustic Desensitization Protocol is a process that uses counseling as well as a body worn processor connected to high fidelity earphones that present pleasant music that is filtered in accordance with an individual’s hearing loss.

The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment

Reduces Symptoms Quickly

Many patients enjoy some relief almost immediately

Treats The Cause

Addresses underlying neurological causes of tinnitus

Provides Significant Long-Term Relief

Relief lasts, even long after the treatment ends

Convenient and Non-Invasive

No medication or surgery required. It supports your body’s own natural mechanisms to block out tinnitus symptoms

Clinically Proven

Shown to be effective for 90% of suitable tinnitus cases as demonstrated by 15 years of clinical studies and in general clinical practice.

Neuromonics Sanctuary

The Neuromonics Sanctuary works on the same principles as the Neuromonics Oasis, the gold standard for long-term reduction of tinnitus disturbance and awareness. Like the Oasis, Sanctuary is engineered to deliver relief while listening to calming, relaxing music.

No formal post-fitting appointment schedule is required.

Comes with a comprehensive tinnitus handbook and access to a designated patient website to guide you through treatment and to the best results.

Alternate headphones and/or a separate portable speaker available.

Choice of three pre-programmed music profiles that mimic the most common profiles found in mild tinnitus patients.

The Neuromonics Sanctuary is brought to you by the world leader in tinnitus treatment. With more than 15 years of research, Neuromonics, Inc., consistently delivers relief to tinnitus sufferers worldwide.

Neuromonics Patient Handouts

Coping with Environment Noises Diet and Medication Progressive Relaxation Training Stress and Relaxation Sleep

Counseling or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Regardless of the cause of tinnitus, if a person is not bothered by the tinnitus, it ceases to be a problem. Psychological intervention aimed at successfully reducing the stress, distress and distraction associated with the tinnitus can be very productive and often produces the most attainable goals. We have a cognitive behavioral therapist on our tinnitus team that can assist you.
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Stress Management

The very high correlation between stress and tinnitus disturbance underscores the need to maintain one’s composure and logic when trying to cope with tinnitus. Relaxation, guided imagery and self-hypnosis are examples of self-help methods used to help combat the stress, anxiety and sleep disturbances associated with tinnitus. As an advanced certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500), Dr. Rudden uses a wide variety of pranayama breathing exercises, neuromuscular relaxation techniques and mindfulness meditation techniques to discover tools to help decompress the over-excitation patterns of the mind and body that often accompany and exacerbate tinnitus symptoms.

Other Treatment Options

Support Groups

Local peer support groups offer emotional support to patients and a place to discuss and share treatment techniques.

Dental Treatment

Jaw joint disorders, called temporomandibular (TMD), may exacerbate tinnitus. Splints and exercises may relieve these problems.

Nutritional Counseling

All tinnitus patients should maintain a balanced diet.


Biofeedback is a technique of making unconscious or involuntary bodily processes detectable by the senses in order to manipulate them by conscious mental control. Biofeedback with counseling can help relieve stress patterns that can worsen the perception of tinnitus.

Alternate Approaches

Although there is no scientific data showing consistent benefit from approaches such as hypnosis, acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic care and many herbal preparations, some patients do perceive a benefit.

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