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Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

Longmont, Colorado

Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center is an authorized provider of ReSound hearing aids in Longmont, CO.

Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center offers a variety of hearing aids to fit any style preference, need, and budget. We are a fully independent audiology practice dedicated to fitting you with the right technology for your needs. That means we are NOT owned or beholden to any hearing aid manufacturer.

We only work with large reputable manufacturers, ensuring that the product we help you choose is the best available. We only dispense major manufacturers’ products so that no matter where you are, you can obtain the care and service that you deserve to treat hearing loss.

ReSound hearing aids, wireless accessories, and apps are made to help people hear and adapt to various listening environments with the best sound quality in mind. Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center offers the following ReSound hearing aids:

Below are the latest ReSound hearing aids available

ReSound One

ReSound One offers the most natural sound quality, giving its users the truest sense of space by making it easy to locate sounds with its M&RIE (microphone and receiver-in-ear) design. This one of a kind hearing aid enriches daily sound environments with more depth and direction for an enhanced listening experience like no other. Speech clarity in wind noise is a feature that not all hearing aids have. With the ReSound One, you can rely on better speech understanding and high quality audio even in windy situations. With the M&RIE, you can enjoy natural sounds in the surroundings without overpowering wind noise.

Experience absolute, one-of-a-kind, personalized hearing with complete and natural sound thanks to the extra microphone placed in the ear canal. With ReSound One, the anatomy of your ears are maximized to deliver sound just as it should be.

ReSound Enzo Q

ReSound Enzo Q offers comprehensive hearing solutions for severe to profound hearing loss. Enjoy crystal clear high quality sound, seamless connectivity and streaming, and convenient remote and real time support. The Enzo Q can also be fully customized to suit your preferences. It also complements cochlear implants perfectly. For people with severe to profound hearing loss, the clarity of sounds is highly important. Audiologists at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center are well-trained in programming ReSound hearing aids. Feel confident to wear your hearing aids throughout the day without any squealing or whistling noises, even when the hearing aid volume is turned up.

ReSound understands that it’s not just about providing users with high levels of amplification. It sifts through unpleasant or unwanted noises that can be too loud or distracting, making hearing easier and more comfortable. Hear what you want, hear what you need – clearly and comfortable with ReSound Enzo Q.

ReSound Key

ReSound Key is available in various sizes and models making it a viable solution for all types of hearing loss. Looking for rechargeable hearing aids? You’re not the only one. Rechargeability is one of the most in-demand features when it comes to hearing aids, and fortunately, ReSound Key rises to the occasion. It has an easy-to-use Desktop charger or you can upgrade to the Premium Charger for hassle-free, on-the-go charging. One full charge can give up to 30 hours of power, which is more than what you need in a day! The Premium Charger also comes with 3 more charges, perfect for people always on-the-go. Aside from being rechargeable, ReSound Key is also made to be battery-efficient, using the latest connectivity based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Connect to devices via Bluetooth without worrying about draining your battery in a short span of time. Connect your hearing aids to smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled consumer electronics so you can directly stream phone calls, music, podcasts, videos, or your favorite TV shows. ReSound Key can stream audio directly from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android smartphones.

ReSound Hearing Aids - Longmont, Colorado

ReSound hearing aids are inspired from natural hearing processes, which is why all ReSound devices are built on the unique Organic Hearing Philosophy. Enjoy the most natural hearing experience as closely as possible with ReSound Hearing aids. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our audiology clinic in Longmont, CO!

Our office will be closed 7/3-7/5 for Independence Day!