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Hearing Aids

Signia Hearing Aids

Longmont, Colorado

Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center is an authorized provider of Signia hearing aids in Longmont, CO.

Signia Hearing Aids

Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center offers a variety of hearing aids to fit any style preference, need, and budget. We are a fully independent audiology practice dedicated to fitting you with the right technology for your needs. That means we are NOT owned or beholden to any hearing aid manufacturer.

We only work with large reputable manufacturers, ensuring that the product we help you choose is the best available. We only dispense major manufacturers’ products so that no matter where you are, you can obtain the care and service that you deserve to treat hearing loss.

Signia offers hearing aids and accessories that help you get the most out of life and perform at your very best. Experience brilliant hearing and world-class performance from Signia hearing aids.

Below are the latest Signia Hearing Aids available


For the hearing aid that looks more like a modern ear piece rather than a hearing aid – meet the Signia Active. Tagged as the revolutionary earbuds, the Signia Active not only streams music and phone calls via Bluetooth in high-def sound, it also enhances the overall hearing experience, even in difficult listening situations.

The Signia Active is ideal for people who are always on the go, living an active lifestyle, and who don’t have time for issues. This modern-looking hearing aid comes with a handy pocket-sized charging case so you can discreetly recharge the device whenever, wherever.

Breeze confidently through the day with Signia Active’s enhanced speech understanding. With its advanced technology, you can easily cut through noise or other distractions to hear what you need clearly from any direction.

Other Signia Active models available: Signia Active Pro, Signia Active X

Signia Styletto X

The Signia Styletto is created to be more than just a hearing aid; it aims to give wearers the complete hearing experience.

With its iconic award-winning design, rechargeability, and crystal clear sound, hear what matters to you, wherever you may be. If previously hearing aids had a stigma that they looked awkward and were far from being aesthetic, Styletto X is changing the game. Gone are the outdated image of hearing aids with Styletto X’s highly sophisticated “hearwear” aesthetics.

With the Signia Styletto X, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a pair of state-of-the-art earbuds rather than hearing aids. Encounter the most impressive true-to-life hearing experience with the Signia Styletto X.

Signia Styletto X comes with a pocket-sized portable charging case bearing the Qi wireless technology. Simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of plugging it into an outlet. Truly a step forward compared to other hearing aid models on the market.

Most Signia hearing aids, including the Styletto X, are powered with their very own Signia assistant, a hearing companion that helps wearers stay fully involved in life.



Discreet and powerful? That’s Silk Nx, the smallest yet most natural sounding ready-to-wear hearing aid from Signia. What makes Silk Nx ready-to-wear?

It has super soft silicone sleeves that make it easy to hide comfortably in the ear. With the Signia Nx, looking good and hearing impeccably has never been so easy. The Signia Silk Nx is 20% smaller than its predecessor, making it easily invisible in the ear.

Unlike other in-the-ear hearing aids, Signia Silk Nx have silicone sleeves that can easily click, fit and go. They provide a comfortable, natural fit on the spot without needing custom-made housing. Silk Nx is also the only ready-to-wear CIC with Ultra HD e2e that supports superior wireless binaural processing.


Signia Pure hearing aids are ideal all-around devices to help you hear what matters by staying fully connected to what you need to hear, even when on the go. These devices sit discreetly behind the ears, offering state-of-the-art sound and Bluetooth connectivity for music, phone calls, and TV audio.

Looking for rechargeable hearing aid options? The Signia Pure Charge&Go AX will change the way you hear the world. These devices offer significantly less listening effort while allowing you to hear clearly above any background noise.

Other notable models from the Signia Pure line include: Pure 312 X, Pure Charge&Go X, Pure 10 Nx, Pure 13 Nx. Our audiologists at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center can walk you through the different models of Signia hearing aids.

Signia Silk X

If you’re scouting for what Signia has to offer in their invisible or discreet hearing aids line, the Silk X is worth checking out.

Known as one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, Signia Silk gives users the confidence of knowing that they are wearing a device that’s nearly-invisible. It is almost impossible for someone to notice them. All Silk X models are designed to sit discreetly inside the ear.
Want a customized listening experience from Signia hearing aids? The Silk X is tailor-made without the wait. Typically, patients who want a custom-fit hearing aids need to wait for days or weeks to obtain the device. With the Signia Silk X, waiting time is decreased thanks to its highly-adaptable soft-silicone Click Sleeves. They are engineered to simply click into the hearing aids and ensure a secure fit in the ear, while still providing a high level of comfort that was historically only available in custom-built devices.

The Click Sleeves come in 4 different sizes to fit most ear anatomies and address various hearing needs. With Signia Silk X, you get tailor-made without the wait. Plus, breeze through the day with clear and rich true-to-life sound with the Signia Xperience technology. Whether you’re standing on a crowded street, working in an open-air area, or having brunch al-fresco, you can hear what matters most, without any sounds distracting you.

Signia Motion X

Life is all about motion – life is not spent sitting in one place, worrying about what your next move will be. Signia Motion X allows wearers to enjoy maximum fluid movement without worrying about hearing transitions or sudden changes in listening environments.

Signia Motion X hearing aids feature a revolutionary sensor technology that smartly recognizes movement, ensuring that the listening experience remains as seamless as possible. Enjoy Bluetooth streaming, charging on-the-go, AI Digital Assistant and Automatic Situation Detection with Signia Motion X hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aids - Longmont, CO

Be one step ahead of life and enjoy that confident spring in your step with Signia hearing aids. Powered with advanced technology and maximum functionality, you can rely on Signia hearing aids to help you live your best life.

To learn more about Signia hearing aids, feel free to call us or schedule an appointment with our audiologist at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center today!

Signia Hearing Aids

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