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Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Longmont, Colorado

Unitron hearing aids are designed to address all types of hearing loss.

Unitron Hearing Aids

Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center offers a variety of hearing aids to fit any style preference, need, and budget. We are a fully independent audiology practice dedicated to fitting you with the right technology for your needs. That means we are NOT owned or beholden to any hearing aid manufacturer.

We only work with large reputable manufacturers, ensuring that the product we help you choose is the best available. We only dispense major manufacturers’ products so that no matter where you are, you can obtain the care and service that you deserve to treat hearing loss.

Unitron hearing aids are designed to address all types of hearing loss. Check out the latest and in-demand Unitron hearing aids available at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center.

Unitron Hearing Aid Styles

Most major hearing aid manufacturers, like Unitron, have made huge innovations in terms of design and features to address various hearing concerns. Unitron hearing aids are available in three different styles: behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC):


This type of hearing aid rests behind the ear, with a curved or angled piece that hooks over the ear to hold it in place. Typically, this type of hearing device is the largest.


This type of hearing aid is positioned inside the ear and is custom-made for each user. Some may be as large as BTE styles, while others are a little more discreet.

Unitron Receiver in canal hearing aid


This style of hearing aid sits behind the ear, like a BTE device, but instead of a thick hook, it has a thin wire going over the ear and into the ear canal. The speaker is positioned in the ear canal.

What style of hearing aid is best for me?

To ensure that you get the best hearing aid for your hearing loss, a visit to an audiologist or certified hearing care provider is recommended. Unitron also offers an exclusive customer-friendly trial period with the FLEX experience.

What is the Unitron FLEX experience?

According to studies, up to 87% of patients believe that a trial period is beneficial. With Unitron FLEX ecosystem hearing aids, patients are given the opportunity to be more engaged and in control in the hearing aid selection process.The FLEX:TRIAL allows patients to discover and experience the latest technology of Unitron hearing aids in places where they usually spend their time – at home, at work, or at school. Audiologists can program these devices to different technology levels until the patient finds the settings to be perfect. In short, Unitron’s FLEX experience is designed to help and empower people with hearing loss, from the very first hearing appointment to choosing, buying and adjusting to their new Unitron hearing aids. With the Unitron FLEX experience, device personalization and upgrades are made accessible and hassle-free.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Award-Winning Design

Unitron takes the design of their hearing aids seriously, realizing it plays a huge part in user-experience. Of course, function and ease of use are non-negotiables. If you’re looking for hearing aids that were created with comfort, functionality, and design in mind, Unitron hearing aids are highly recommended for you.Five hearing aids from Unitron have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot design awards, including the 2017 Best of the Best award for Moxi Now. Known as the smallest hearing aid from the brand, Moxi Now is fully-functional, comfortable, and easy to use. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most in-demand and highly recommended hearing devices from Unitron.

Below are some other noteworthy Unitron hearing aids:


Moxi hearing aids are powered with SoundCore, which consists of four intelligent features designed to work harmoniously. The result is hearing aids that understand a wearer’s listening environment and automatically make adjustments so participation in conversations is easy. Hear more, understand more, live life to the fullest, and never miss out on conversations again.

Other Unitron Moxi models include – Moxi All R, Moxi All, Moxi Fit R, Moxi Now, Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss, and Moxi Dura.


Meet Unitron’s behind-the-ear lineup, the Moxi Stride family. Powered by Tempus, the Unitron Moxi Stride family goes beyond impressive aesthetics. Moxi Stride hearing aids offer a comfortable fit and intuitive controls that make patients confident and happy.

Unitron Moxi Stride models include – Stride M R (the latest model), Stride M, Stride P, and Stride P Dura.

Unitron Shine Rev


Natural hearing is within reach with the Unitron Shine Rev model. Experience a whole new level of natural hearing as Shine Rev effectively isolates and reduces unwanted noise with AutoMic. The device also intelligently switches from omni to adaptive directional mode when background noise is detected.


Unitron Max hearing aids are also known as “super power” hearing instruments. Available on the Tempus platform, there are three new “super power” presets that make it easier to meet patients’ expectations. This means that there is less need for fine-tuning and a higher chance of patient satisfaction with the first fit.

Unitron Max hearing aids are powered with technology engineered for patients with severe to profound hearing loss. They also come with a rechargeable option for people always on-the-go or for those who simply want to say goodbye to disposable batteries.

Unitron Insera


Unitron Insera hearing aids are the brand’s in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids. Insera hearing aids provide the best directional performance to make speech easier to understand. Hear what needs to be heard naturally – just the way you should.

Unitron Insera devices are highly customizable with EarMatch technology. How does it work? Multiple anatomical parameters are analyzed after a 3D model of the patient’s ear impression has been created. Then a computer program evaluates the unique ear features and compares them to a database to find the best match.

After the modeling process, the directional response is optimized for the patient’s unique ear anatomy. Experience hearing aid customization like never before with Unitron Insera hearing aids.

Unitron Hearing Aids Technology

When it comes to hearing aids, technology plays a big role in determining if the device suits your lifestyle or not. Some patients are looking for Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Others desire a device with a rechargeable battery. For some patients automatic adjustments, such as remote control via apps or hands-free features, are a priority. Unitron hearing aids are highly innovative and are continuously being updated to suit the ever changing needs of patients. Below are the latest hearing aid technologies offered by Unitron:


This technology provides optimal speech understanding and sound localization from all directions. SpeechPro technology makes hearing easier, even in the most challenging listening environments. Confidently follow conversations in a noisey space. Keep up with conversations in crowds. Both are possible with SpeechPro technology.


With this feature, users of Unitron hearing aids have the ability to know which direction speech and sounds are coming from. No need for second-guessing; just pure and clear audio that hits the target every time.


This technology is known to be the building block of Unitron SoundCore. It works by automatically identifying the signals and classifying them into seven distinct environments. Four of these environments relate specifically to conversations. The sounds are then blended to match real life, resulting in a natural and accurate listening experience.

Unitron Hearing Aids - Longmont, Colorado

Better hearing is one step closer with Unitron hearing aids. To learn more about Unitron hearing aids or to get a professional evaluation and recommendation from an audiologist, Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center is just a call away. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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