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Hearing Aid Repairs

Sometimes you need hearing aid needs repairs, it’s part of the process! Maybe your hearing aids got a little more water than they can handle, or you were caught in some extreme temperatures, or there are some battery issues interfering, or it could even be earwax buildup. Whatever the reason, hearing aid repairs can sometimes be necessary. But worry not, that’s something we at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center are happy to help you with!

Not all hearing aid repairs are alike

The first step in getting your hearing aids back in working order is an assessment of the damage. Some issues are reparable in-office. Other issues may require a trip to the manufacturer. Our staff is equipped and educated to help you determine the next steps so we can get you hearing your best again.

How do we handle hearing aid repairs?

Our audiologists and hearing aid specialists can remedy a myriad of issues. From broken receiver wires or plugged wax guards, to brittle tubing and torn domes, a lot of the most common problems are resolvable right here in the office. In some cases, you can walk out with a repaired aid on the same day you brought it in!

How do other places handle those repairs?

More intensive repairs occur at the manufacturers’ repair labs, including custom casing repairs, embedded receiver issues, internal electrical and hardware problems, and other more extensive services. These repairs are sent directly to the manufacturer for specialized resolution, and typically take about 10 – 14 business days to return to the office.

What happens first?

We ask a lot of questions! To help us narrow down the cause and resolution to your problem, you can try these things at home before bringing the device(s) to us:

– Change the wax guards
– Change the domes
– Replace the batteries, or place rechargeable aids on charging station to make sure connections are operating (i.e. are the charging lights illuminated?)
– Determine if the device is turning on by listening for start-up chimes, checking its Bluetooth connection on your phone, etc.

We hope you aren’t having any hearing aid issues at the moment, but if you are, let us help! Give us a call and set up a time to come in so we can see what sort of repair you need for your hearing aids. As always, we’re here to help!

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