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Audiology Care: Hearing the Call, CO

Hearing the Call Colorado did it again! That’s right, we had our Durango, CO. event on June 5th, and we knocked it out of the park! As always, our success was made possible by a combination of incredible humans, generous donations, and a shared passion for improving hearing health for our communities and beyond. So, what did 25 passionate individuals accomplish in Durango?

Something to celebrate

We were able to fit 22 individuals in Southwest Colorado with hearing aids! These patients not only received top-notch audiology care, but through Hearing the Call, patients can continue to receive a year of complimentary aftercare. And after that year-long period, patients need only pay $15 for any office visit thereafter—a lifetime of affordable hearing care. It’s a pleasure meeting all these people and getting them the help they need, but it’s life-affirming to know they will have access to affordable audiology care for the rest of their days.

How it’s done

These events are led by volunteers, a mix of individuals from our very own, Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center, Hearing the Call Colorado, and Entheos Audiology Cooperative. We all volunteer our time, talent, and sometimes even some treasures. In many ways, Hearing the Call relies on treasures to make these events possible, like generous donations from a variety of parties. In fact, for this event, we have partners like Widex, Oticon, Westone Labs, and ReSound to thank for the hearing aids they contributed to the cause. And the generosity doesn’t stop there! Phonak, Oticon, and Widex, fueled us the entire event by providing us with meals. 

How to participate

We’re committed to continuing these missions, which is why we’re always accepting applications for upcoming events, as well as donations. Whether you’re able to donate hearing aids or make cash donations, they are all tax-deductible, all accepted, and all go a long way to helping us provide our vulnerable communities with the hearing healthcare they need to thrive. 

Our next event is scheduled for Saturday, August 7th, in Burlington CO. If you or a loved one are in the area and looking for audiology care, submit an application! We want to help! Of course, if you’re wondering if your hearing health needs attention, or were hoping to get your hearing aids tuned up, we can help with that too. Give us a call and we’ll face all your hearing needs, together. 

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