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Better Together Simultaneously

Anybody who knows us at Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center knows we are dedicated to serving our community. Our favorite way to do so is by working with Hearing the Call, a community outreach program that’s focused on providing affordable hearing health care to our low-income community. We host multiple events throughout the year in different locations to provide our community with much-needed hearing care services. This year alone we made it to Burlington, Durango, Littleton, and Arvada! This month we did something a little different – Better Together Simultaneously – and it was a hit!

Better Together Simultaneously

So, what does that even mean? Well, it means that on Friday 9/17, six different clinics throughout the Colorado area participated in a collective event. As a group, we were able to fit 17 Coloradans in need with donated hearing aids. And though we did this all in our respective practices, we cannot deny the unbelievable sense of love and unity we felt in sharing this event at the same time, near and far. It’s always fulfilling to be able to help others, and giving the gift of hearing to income-eligible patients is a gift for everyone involved.

The best part is that the goodness doesn’t stop there! All those deserving individuals who were fitted with hearing aids will pay it forward by each completing 10 hours of community service to complete the circle of giving. That is why “Better Together Simultaneously” rings so true, it’s undeniable.

Hearing the Call
Hearing Aids
Better togehter Simultaneously

Exciting news!

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we also found out that Hearing the Call Colorado won the Peak Performance Award from the Colorado Academy of Audiology. This award is given out to acknowledge an exemplary achievement or effort that contributes to the advancement of the field of audiology or a direct humanitarian contribution to society in the realm of hearing.

Helping people experiencing hearing loss is the ultimate reward, but it’s always lovely to get recognition. Thank you to all volunteers and sponsors who make this work possible each and every day. As always, if you have any hearing loss needs we can help with, give us a call!

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